Once upon a time, in the legendary land of Ancient Greece, the gods of Olympus were hard at work creating the world. They crafted the earth, the sea, the sky, and all the creatures that inhabit them...


When the gods looked down upon the mortals, they noticed that the people had one thing in common: facial hair. But they were tangly, deplorable messes of beards! This made them angry, and so they decided to create a powerful elixir that would help the mortals groom their beards and mustaches.

The gods went to work, crafting a type of all-natural nectar that would help the people groom their facial hair. Not only did it make the mortals' beards look better, but it also made them smell better and feel more confident!

Word quickly spread among Mt. Olympus, and as the popularity of their oils grew on the mainland, more and more gods began to make their own beard oil, each with its own magical properties...

Explore all of their signature scents below!

zeus presents:

If you want to smell like a god, begin with the King of the Gods. The Boswellia tree brings forth a long-lasting scent - rich spice, wood, and a hint of lemon twist, gaining complexity throughout the day. King of the Gods is a royal scent for men, not unfitting for a king who calls upon aged whiskey, smokey rooms, and the company of his closest advisors.

Forward Notes: Sweet Citrus, Deep Woods, Ambery Tobacco.

Fragrance Family: Woody, Amber.

Fragrance Type: Rich & Complex.

the ruling 12 give you:

Nestled within the highest point of Greece at the peak of Mytikas, we find the earthen roots of Mt. Olympus. Eucalyptus, fresh pine, and subtle herbs emerge for a refreshing scent. For a man that is clean, but not afraid to get dirty.

Forward Notes: Eucalyptus, Pine, Cedarwood.

Fragrance Family: Fresh, Woody.

Fragrance Type: Clean & Refreshing.

hades has forged:

There is no story without a mystery. Hemlock is an intriguing fragrance - tales of warm cinnamon with a dark layer of musk. For a man that chooses his words carefully, a scent that finds it's home within the realms of calculated action, intention, and influence.

Forward Notes: Cinnamon, Dark Patchouli.

Fragrance Family: Amber, Florals.

Fragrance Type: Sweet & Musky.

from himeros, with love:

Spicy, sweet, and woodsy, infused with an odorless pheromone attractant oil.